All Hallows’ Eve

Traditionally, All Hallows’ Eve falls on 31st October and is the day before All Hallows’ Day (All Saints’ Day).

A vigil would be held on All Hallows’ Eve –  worshippers would prepare themselves with prayers and fasting prior to the feast day itself.

In Old English, ‘hallowed’ meant holy or sanctified and is now usually associated  with the word Halloween.

It has been suggested that the timing of the festival is a nod to pre-exiting Celtic festivals – such as Samhain.

This picture is of All Hallows Church, Rowton, Shropshire. The church building dates from 1818, when the original medieval church was rebuilt.

Retina (in Roman times), Rutone and Ruton and Rugheton (in the Doomsday Book) – it is recorded that Rowton had a Priest as early as 1086.


All images © W N BISHOP